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In 1984, Linda Erickson, Heather Myers, and Hazel-Ann Stark saw a need for a dance studio where all dance disciplines were taught with equal strength. Their partnership was natural, as each director is adept in her own form of dance. This allows the Directors to teach all three forms, each focused in their own discipline, leading to a better student experience and overall stronger studio.

La Danse offers a high standard of training in R.A.D Classical Ballet, Jazz and Lyrical, C.D.T.A Tap, Hip Hop, Musical Theatre, and Modern. The strength of La Danse’s training lies in the consistency of teachers for all dance levels. The Directors teach classes at the Beginner level, all through to Advanced. Their years of experience will ensure your child’s introduction to dance is both fun and a valuable learning experience. They want to emphasize the importance of the relationship developed between the student and teacher, as it will last for many years. A dance teacher is more than just an educator, she is a positive influence in your child’s life that will be there for many years and experiences.

Directors/Instructors (click here or on names below for bios)


Linda Erickson C.D.T.A. Stage Division [Lifetime Membership]
Heather Myers C.D.T.A. Stage Division [Lifetime Membership]
Hazel-Ann Stark Licentiate R.A.D., Advanced R.A.D., C.D.T.A. Stage Division [Lifetime Membership]
Kelsey Stone
Danielle Roberge
Heather Currie ARAD, AAC
Shannon Menon LRAD, ARAD, ISTD

La Danse offers the opportunity to take exams in ballet and tap. Although exams are not compulsory, the Directors feel that they do provide a goal and sense of accomplishment for the students. We also involve some of the students in competition work. This additional experience helps to build confidence and promotes good sportsmanship and teamwork.


BALLET - Develops good posture, co-ordination, flexibility and grace. Ages 3 and up.

TAP - Develops rhythm and co-ordination. Ages 5 and up.

JAZZ - Originally referred to a dance style from African American dance, it is now a stylized form of dance that encourages co-ordination, musicality and energy! Ages 5 and up.

HIP HOP - A dance style that is performed to hip hop music and is part of the hip hop culture. A great compliment to jazz and a good introduction to dance for the interested teen. Ages 8 and up.

MUSICAL THEATRE - A form of theatre that combines voice, dialogue, acting and dance. Must be already enrolled at La Danse and at a certain level to join.

LYRICAL - Lyrical dance has its primary basis in ballet. It is a fusion of jazz, contemporary and ballet and therefore the student must have a certain level of ballet and experience in jazz to join.

MODERN - Modern dance is an early 20th century dance form that emerged as an expression of rebellion against classical ballet. Pioneers of modern dance were Isadora Duncan and Martha Graham. Dancers at La Danse are chosen to join the modern program.

Cheques for dance fees and costume deposits must be post-dated to the FIRST of each month. After February 1, 2020 dance fees are non-refundable. At La Danse, we believe we are building a team, one that requires commitment. If paying by cheque the full year must be pre-paid with post-dated cheques in order to participate in classes. September fees are non-refundable. NSF cheques are charged a $25 fee for the first cheque, $35 for the second, and $50 for the third. If we have not received all of the postdated cheques for the full year by October 1, 2019, there will be a late fee of $25 per month until all of the remaining cheques have been submitted.

Payment Options

1. Fees can be paid by cheque. There are three different options for payment:
    Monthly post-dated cheques, dated for the 1st of every month
    3 separate terms: (Sept-Dec, Jan-Mar, Apr-Jun)
    Full year at once

2. Preauthorized withdrawal*
    Monthly, Term, Full year

3. Credit Card*
    Monthly, Term, Full year

*If you choose to pay by automatic withdrawal or credit card, this payment will be subject to transaction fees.

Costume Deposit


La Danse charges a costume deposit that goes toward the final cost of the costume. There is an additional $25.00/month/dance form added to the monthly fees for the first six months. This costume deposit is non-refundable after November 1, 2019 due to the orders placed and costumes initiated. If the final cost of the costume is less than the deposit, you will be reimbursed the difference. If your final cost of the costume is more than the deposit, you will be charged the difference.

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