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COVID-19 Safety Protocols


COVID-19 Safety Protocols:

The Directors of La Danse are excited to be opening back up in September. Due to the current pandemic, we have taken precautions and implemented various practices as outlined by Health Canada to ensure the health and safety of our students and staff.

We are very fortunate to be in a location with six doors that allows for students in different classes to enter and exit without coming into contact with one another. Upon arrival, all dancers will be asked to wear a mask to enter and sanitize their hands, then we will take their temperature. Once confirmed good, students will go directly to their assigned studio, at which point each dancer will be designated a 6’x6’ square that will be their ‘home base’ for the class.

Our schedule has been designed so students spend as many classes as possible in the same studio, with only the teachers having to move in between. Additional time has been allotted between classes to allow for time to sanitize and clean the studio space and bathrooms. We have also limited class sizes to ensure we are meeting the proper social distancing guidelines.

For more detail on our rules and regulations for students and families, please see below.

We look forward to dancing with you,

Hazel-Ann Stark
Heather Myers
Linda Erickson


Entering/Exiting the Studio:

Every dancer will be required to wear a mask when they enter the studio. Their temperature will be taken before class starts, and once deemed healthy, they will be able to take their mask off. Please have a Ziploc bag available to put your masks in so it will stay clean and protected during class time.

A hand sanitization station has been set up by each entrance door. We ask that every student use this upon entering the studio. For those who enter through the front door, they will be given the option to fully wash their hands in the front bathrooms or use the provided medical grade sanitizer.

When students enter, we would like them to bring along a plastic or reusable bag in which to place their outdoor shoes. This will then go into the students dance bag and their shoes will be carried along with them.

We are fortunate to have 6 building doors to allow for safe entrance and exit. This includes taking advantage of the doors on the back of the building. Some students will have to walk along the back alley to move to their new studio. This will ensure no contact between dancers in different classes. A large light is being installed at the back of the building so students can easily find their way.

At this time, parents will not be allowed to enter the studio unless in the case of an emergency.

Dance Studios:

We have 3 separate studios at La Danse, each of which has different sizes and restrictions. Our two larger studios, the Music and Stage, each have enough room for a limit of 20 dancers. Our smaller studio, the Cloud, will only allow for a maximum of 12. We have a grid marked out on the floor with 6x6 foot squares in each studio.

Bathrooms and Change Rooms:

Each studio at La Danse has its own bathroom. Students will only be allowed to use the bathroom that is located in the studio where their class is taking place. As there is no bathroom located inside of the Cloud studio, students will be allowed to enter the waiting room to use one of the two bathrooms available there. After a student uses the bathroom, the instructor should be made aware so he or she can sanitize it before it is used again.

Our change rooms have been blocked off for the time being. We ask that all dancers come dressed in their dancewear. Changing clothes will not be allowed in the bathrooms.

Students should also come prepared with a closed top water bottle of their own.


To make registration as safe as possible, this will be our first year of online registration. If you are a returning student, your designated classes will be pre-populated in our new software, JackRabbit. In order to facilitate contactless payment, you will be able to choose a credit card or pre-authorized debit option. Please note that even if you choose to pay with cash or cheque, you will be required to put a credit card on file before your dancer is able to attend classes.

For our 3 and 4 year olds, and anyone else who is anxious about the new regulations, we are more than happy to arrange an appointment to walk the parent and child through the protocols in the studio.