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Tots, Pre-Primary, Primary:
  • 1) White or pink tights
  • 2) Any colour leotard (bodysuit)
  • 3) Pleated toe pink slippers with elastic sewn on (BLOCH #205 full sole)
  • 4) Hair off the face, in a bun
Grade I to Advanced:
  • 1) Pleated toes pink slippers with elastic or ribbons
  • 2) Hair in a bun – this is MANDATORY
  • 3) Ballerina Pink tights – Grade I-IV
  • 4) Salmon Bloch tights – Inter Foundation to Advanced
  • 5) Character Shoes – Grades I-IV (black canvas with low heel)
  • 6) Pointe Shoes – Grade V and up
  • 7) Exam Required bodysuits:
    Grades I-IV – navy blue or ink blue pinch or scoop neck
    Inter Foundation to Advanced – Black, Navy, Purple or Royal in #1613, #1633, #1645, #35467, or #3545
All Levels:
  • 1) Snug fitting t-shirt
  • 2) Shorts
  • 3) White socks
  • 4) Black pleated slippers
  • 1) Any colour leotard and tights or fitted lycra shorts
      (above the knee) – no loose pants
  • 2) Hair in a bun or ponytail
  • 3) Tap shoes with taps:
  •  -Beginner & Primary – Caramel Mary Jane Capezio #3800
      or Caramel Bloch Show - Tapper
  •  -Grade 1 Exam and Up – Caramel Bloch Show-Tapper
  •  -Open Jr, Elementary – Caramel Bloch Show-Tapper
  •  -Open Inter and Senior – Oxford CG19 or Jasons 313L
  • 1) Leotard and tights or fitted shorts; no loose pants or street clothes
  • 2) Bloch tan slip-on jazz shoes
  • 3) Hair in a bun or ponytail
  • 4) Boys – black jazz oxfords, dark jazz pants or shorts,
Hip Hop
  • 1) Non-marking, CLEAN shoes
  • 2) Street clothes acceptable, be cool!!!

  • 1) Bodysuits with footless tights or a tight tank/crop top and leggings
  • 2) No loose clothing such as flowy shirts or track shorts

Musical Theatre
  • 1) Dancewear required
  • 2) Hair off of face
  • 2) Jazz shoes or ballet slippers
No jewellery or watches allowed as it is dangerous to the dancers. Please recognize that the dancers are exerting themselves physically. We recommend the dancers have deodorant available in their dance bags at all times. Good grooming is important as it does reflect on the child’s ability to dance. Also, please label dancewear, costumes, outerwear, and boots. We do have a lost and found in the dancers’ lounge that is donated to goodwill at the end of June.