"La Danse has been fondly named the ‘Clubhouse’ at our home! From a physical education perspective, we have put daughters into activities that will provide support in all areas of their lives- physical, mental and emotional. From the physical education world, my girls have been properly taught basic fundamental movements/skills that are taken for granted. My daughters have learned more here about how their body moves and body awareness than at As a parent, the directors and their assistants have taught my daughters to care about details- posture, manners, hair, and respect for their talents and that of their fellow classmates. My girls have learned that feedback and constructive criticism is good. In the words one of my girls, “ Mom, the only reason you get told to redo a move is because they know you can do it better!” A lesson that many parents are scared to let their children learn on their own. La Danse has created the perfect blend of expertise, passion for educating dancers and an expectation of excellence, which has my daughters constantly wanting more! Thank you for sharing the ‘Clubhouse’ with our family!

As a mother of 3 very different girls, it is often hard to find an activity that they all enjoy. However, we have but for different reasons. La Danse has perfected the blending of physical literacy- body awareness and movements with the individualism of each little personality that glides through their door. When we come to the ‘Clubhouse’, each daughter is allowed to bring with them their own uniqueness in which each director/instructor has been able to nurture and build upon to create the most amazing opportunity for each of our girls. " - Sandi Scissons

“This is by far the BEST studio in Saskatoon. The teachers are incredible and produce fantastic dancers. The year end recital this year was great as always.” – Kaitlynn Pollock

"La Danse has been one of the best activities I have offered my children. It offers something for mind, body, and soul. For their mind, it has helped our children develop confidence and determination to be the best they can be. For their body, dancers become athletes; it develops balance, coordination, body awareness, strength, conditioning, and control. For their soul, they have developed friendships with their fellow dancers as well as the directors who have been so influential for so many years throughout their love of dance. It becomes a part of who they are. It develops a love of music, a world of opportunity, and a talent to be envied.

As a parent, I have developed many friends and we have enjoyed watching our kids grow up together in the dance community, develop their skills and travel to many different competitions. I would do it again in a heartbeat! " - Audrey Sheppard

Keira Anderson
Keira  Anderson

I started ballet lessons when I was two years old. Since then, dance has been a big part of my life, teaching me patience, strength, and self-confidence. While attending high school at Centennial Collegiate, I also completed training for my Grade 9 RCM Piano and National Lifeguard certificates.

Next year I will miss dancing at La Danse as I attend the University of British Columbia to begin a degree in Applied Biology. I hopes I will find opportunities to dance throughout the rest of my life and will always remember my time at La Danse. 


Kyra Baumann
Kyra Baumann

For as long as I can remember, dance has been a big part of my life. I will forever be grateful for the amazing experiences and teachers I've had at La Danse over the last 13 years. They've taught me to never give up and to never stop improving. I’ve learned that you can do anything you set your mind to.

Dance has allowed me to express myself through all the ups and downs of growing up.  I will rely on the skills I have learned through dance for the rest of my life. 

I'm excited to be moving on to the University of Saskatchewan in the fall in the College of Arts & Sciences. Thank you to my parents for their support and to the studio and my fellow dancers for the life long memories.  I wish you all the best!


Kennedy Halcro>
Kennedy  Halcr

I’ve been dancing since I was three years old and have been at La Danse since I was five. Dance has given me both self-confidence and a creative outlet to express myself artistically. It hasn’t been an easy road for me and there have been many uphill battles, but through it all I’ve learned to work harder than I thought possible. Because of the work I put in and the guidance from the Directors and dance teachers who have taught me, I’ve become the best dancer I can be; I’m very proud of the dancer I’ve become.

When I look back upon my years of dance, I will remember all of the friendships I’ve made and how they have impacted my life. When there were hard days at school, I could always look forward to the evenings when I would see these friends who always put a smile on my face. The studio became my second home and these people I have danced with over the last 13 years have become like family. They’ve accepted me without hesitation and always made me feel like I belong. When I think about what I will miss most, it will be those friends and the memories we've made together.

Next year I will be attending the University of Saskatchewan in the College of Education. I hope one day that I will be to a young student what so many teachers have been to me over the years. It is because of these teachers that I’ve have found success in both school and dance, so to them I want to say a final thank you for pushing me to my potential and for showing me just what I am capable of achieving.


Effie Kosmas>
Effie Kosmas

I have been happily dancing with La Danse for 13 years! Looking back, I wouldn't wish for it to be any other way. Dance has taught me so many things that have transformed me into the person that I am today. It has given me confidence that I never thought I could have, and with that confidence, the ability to be the best version of myself. There is no feeling even slightly comparable to when I am dancing, and it is a feeling I will surely miss.

I am so grateful for my beautiful teachers who inspire me to be better every day. Through the good times and the bad, they have all given me so much of their time and love, and I feel so lucky to have grown up with their guidance and care. I will truly never be able to thank them for all their support, but I feel so incredibly privileged to have received it. This was my final year dancing at La Danse, but I will never forget the friendships made, laughs had, and the love that I have received.

Next year I will be attending the University of Saskatchewan with aspirations in the field of Medicine, but dance will forever hold a very special place in my heart. I am so thankful for everything that La Danse has done for me.


Kelsea Mackenzie
Kelsea Mackenzie

Dance has been a huge part of my life for as long as I can remember. When I think about these last 14 years being a part of La Danse, my brain floods with memories; from competitions, to recitals, dress rehearsals and simply hanging around the studio. La Danse has become my home away from home and I would not have it any other way. I feel beyond lucky to have grown up dancing every day and feel privileged to have been taught under the direction of three amazing directors. Dancing has inspired me to always try my best and be motivated when things get hard, and to always push through any given challenge. It has taught me to be patient, resilient, and determined.

I will forever be thankful for the times that my parents have stood by my side and supported me, and the times that the directors have pushed me, as I have taken many of these experiences to heart, which have only made me become the dancer and person I am today. This August, I will be moving to pursue an opportunity to teach dance in the beautiful country of Belize for a year, prior to exploring secondary education. Although I will be going to a country far away, I know that not a day will go by where I don't think about the impact that La Danse has had on me and the teachers and friends that have become my second family. As I move away, I can only hope to express my passion and inspire the people I meet, just as I have been so inspired my whole dance career. As I set out on this adventure, I will take with me everything I have learned and continue to dance with my heart.


Jennifer Monette
Jennifer  Monette

Ever since I was a little girl, I have always been the primary attention seeker of my family. Knowing that having two younger brothers (who would later on be joining dance) would further promote my ego, my parents decided to enroll me at La Danse as my sure start to becoming a famous celebrity. As the years went on, I fell in love with dance, and soon enough it became a part of my life that was impossible for me to part from. I am so blessed and grateful for the past 13 years of hard work and dedication the directors at La Danse have provided for me. For Mrs. Erickson, who always challenged me to step out of my comfort zone, and to keep my chin up when times get hard and while “jeté-ing” on stage; For Ms. Myres, who taught me how to be persistent, that there’s no such thing as your best because you can always be improving yourself; For Mrs. Stark, who always saw the good in every situation, and for being the best motivator every step of the way while taking my Advanced 2 Ballet Exam; For Kelsey Stone, who helped me find my confidence and inner-most personality in all my dancing.

There are no words to express the bittersweet emotions that I have experienced throughout my time at La Danse. As I hopefully venture out to Toronto or Vancouver to continue dance within the next couple years, La Danse will forever be engraved into my heart as my second home. Thank you again, and enjoy the show!


Erika Polishchuk
Erika  Polishchuk

Thirteen years ago I took my very first ballet class from Mrs. Stark. In hindsight, I’m not sure that I had much of a choice considering that I was following in the footsteps of my big sisters, who had been following in the footsteps of our older cousins. However, I began to love dance and, soon enough, dancing once a week turned into taking classes in more forms of dance than there were school subjects.

As my love for dance grew, my love for the people that I danced with grew even more. There is no better feeling than being surrounded by friends that have become family, and finally seeing all of your hard work pay off. My time at La Danse has taught me so many things, one of the most important being from Mrs. Stark, “Nothing is the end of the world except the end of the world.” The second most important thing that I have learned is that ‘one more time’ usually does not mean one more time.

Next year I will be attending the U of S and taking classes in the Art & Sciences program. I really have no idea where my life is headed, but I will carry my memories of dance with me whenever I go.


Brett Stadnyk
Brett Stadnyk

I began dancing at La Danse when I was 8 years old. After taking hip hop for six years, I was encouraged to take tap and jazz, and I later added ballet, lyrical, and modern to my schedule. I discovered a love for dance and a true passion!

Throughout the years, I have made some amazing friends and will always cherish the memories we’ve made. I would like to thank Mrs. Erickson, Miss Myers, Mrs. Stark, Heather Currie, and Danielle Roberge for their endless support, encouragement, and dedication to ensure that I am always reaching my full potential. They have taught me to strive for perfection and to never give up. I would also like to thank my family for supporting me in my love for dance, especially my mom and my grandparents. I will never forget my time spent at La Danse and will always be grateful for the opportunities I’ve had.


Aunya Zurevinski
Aunya  Zurevinski

I started dancing at La Danse when I was four years old. As a child I was shy and dance has brought me out of my comfort zone, showing me that the stage is the perfect place to be who I truly am. It has taught me dedication, discipline, and how to openly express myself - whether that meant singing loudly in musical theatre or wearing my onesie to class! Mrs. Stark, Mrs. Erickson, Ms. Myers, Kelsey Stone, and my wonderful family are the ones to whom I owe my thanks, for teaching me of these valuable lessons.

This year I am graduating from St. Joseph High School and in the fall, I will be attending Randolph Academy for the Performing Arts in Toronto. There I will pursue my dream of being a performer in musical theatre! La Danse has impacted my life greatly and has provided me with wonderful memories that I will cherish forever. Thank you and I hope you enjoy the show!


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