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"La Danse has been fondly named the ‘Clubhouse’ at our home! From a physical education perspective, we have put daughters into activities that will provide support in all areas of their lives- physical, mental and emotional. From the physical education world, my girls have been properly taught basic fundamental movements/skills that are taken for granted. My daughters have learned more here about how their body moves and body awareness than at As a parent, the directors and their assistants have taught my daughters to care about details- posture, manners, hair, and respect for their talents and that of their fellow classmates. My girls have learned that feedback and constructive criticism is good. In the words one of my girls, “ Mom, the only reason you get told to redo a move is because they know you can do it better!” A lesson that many parents are scared to let their children learn on their own. La Danse has created the perfect blend of expertise, passion for educating dancers and an expectation of excellence, which has my daughters constantly wanting more! Thank you for sharing the ‘Clubhouse’ with our family!

As a mother of 3 very different girls, it is often hard to find an activity that they all enjoy. However, we have but for different reasons. La Danse has perfected the blending of physical literacy- body awareness and movements with the individualism of each little personality that glides through their door. When we come to the ‘Clubhouse’, each daughter is allowed to bring with them their own uniqueness in which each director/instructor has been able to nurture and build upon to create the most amazing opportunity for each of our girls. "
- Sandi Scissons

“This is by far the BEST studio in Saskatoon. The teachers are incredible and produce fantastic dancers. The year end recital this year was great as always.” – Kaitlynn Pollock

"La Danse has been one of the best activities I have offered my children. It offers something for mind, body, and soul. For their mind, it has helped our children develop confidence and determination to be the best they can be. For their body, dancers become athletes; it develops balance, coordination, body awareness, strength, conditioning, and control. For their soul, they have developed friendships with their fellow dancers as well as the directors who have been so influential for so many years throughout their love of dance. It becomes a part of who they are. It develops a love of music, a world of opportunity, and a talent to be envied.

As a parent, I have developed many friends and we have enjoyed watching our kids grow up together in the dance community, develop their skills and travel to many different competitions. I would do it again in a heartbeat! " - Audrey Sheppard


The most rewarding part of teaching dance is the opportunity to watch our students grow, learn, develop, and become wonderful, confident, and successful people. Whether dance stays in their life or not, we know that they have achieved so much in their own way. Unlike most teaching professions, we have the joy of working with these children year after year, sometimes for a decade or more! Because we are the ones who teach all of our classes, we get to see them develop from children into young adults and become good friends in the process, developing poise and lifelong friends along the way!


Kaitlyn HalcroDance has been a part of my life for as long as I can remember. For 15 years I have been walking through the doors of the studio, from a shy little three year old to now a graduating senior. Over the years, as my passion for dance grew, so did the number of hours I spent learning and training.  The studio became a second home to me and has shaped and influenced my life into the person I am today.  The directors of La Danse have taught me everything from pointing my toes and standing with proper posture to becoming a confident, mature, and committed individual. I would like to thank Mrs. Stark, Mrs. Erickson, Ms. Myers, Kelsey Stone, and the rest of the staff for their ongoing support over my years as a competitive dancer and for pushing and encouraging me to reach my full potential. Thank you to my friends I have made along the way; I am forever grateful for the memories made and laughs shared. Lastly, I would like to thank my parents for always believing in me, supporting me, and making sacrifices so that I could pursue my dreams and attain my goals.

Next year, I will be attending the University of Saskatchewan in the College of Education, while also possibly pursuing some teacher accreditations in Dance. I hope that one day I can be as positive of an influence as the teachers I have been blessed with over the years in dance, school, and life.  As I take the stage today performing for the final time with my studio, I am certain that the friendships I have made and love I have felt from my La Danse family will carry with me far beyond this moment and I look forward with excitement to what my future holds.


Kiya KincadeI started at La Danse when I was three years old. One of my first memories was when Mrs. Stark taught our ballet class how to point our feet. The ballet dance we learned that year, “Dessert for Dinner,” was my first recital experience. From that moment on, I loved being on stage.

Dance has taught me many things. It has taught me how to set goals and reach them, how to make lasting friendships, and how to get through tough times; all valuable lessons. I am very sad to be leaving dance this year, but I am very happy for the memories I have made.

I will be attending the U of S next year. I got early acceptance into the Bachelor of Arts and Science program, where I plan on majoring in Sociology. I hope to carry the memories I’ve made here at La Danse for a long time. A final thank you to everyone at the studio: all the directors, all the teachers, all the stage moms and parents. A special thank you to my parents for driving me to dance all these years and helping me become the dancer I am today.


Sarah KotykMy interest in dance began when a friend was taking ballet at La Danse and I would try to imitate her. I started dancing when I was 5 and, for the past 13 years, have spent many evenings at La Danse where my love for dance grew. When you tell people that you are ‘in dance,’ they think of tutus and buns. Little do they realize, dance is much harder than it looks and it taught me so much than plies or pirouettes. So what did I learn? Poise, time management, work ethic, commitment, team work, discipline. The list is endless but these skills will help carry me through life.

Thanks to my mom for all of the countless hours of driving, hair and makeup, waiting, and watching. Thank you to all of the Directors and staff at La Danse for their knowledge, patience, caring, and dedication. I will cherish the countless memories and friendships I have made through my time at La Danse. I wish all of my fellow dancers the best in whatever career, dream or passion they choose!

I will be graduating from Centennial Collegiate and plan to pursue a nursing degree through the University of Regina/Sask Polytech Saskatchewan Collaborative Bachelor of Science in Nursing Program.


Marina LiuThere’s a reason why everyone graduating talks about how dance has taught them more than solely how to dance. Throughout the years, I learned more than just the right way to execute a pirouette. I learned that perseverance, dedication, and drive were the only ways to find this success, and let me tell you, there is no feeling more gratifying than seeing all your hard work finally pay off. For this, I give many thanks to Mrs. Stark, Ms. Myers, Mrs. Erickson and all the other staff at La Danse, who have shared with me their expertise in countless more fields than just dance. I would also like to send out a huge thank you to my parents for their constant support in my often crazy dance life. This journey would not have been nearly the same without the warm company of my dance friends who share my fondest memories at the studio ever since I began dancing at the age of seven.

In the fall, I will be attending the University of Calgary in the Bachelor of Health Sciences program offered by the Cummings School of Medicine. As this chapter closes, my love for dance will never stop growing. It will always hold a special place in my heart.


Stephanie StupakDancing has been a major part of my life ever since the age of three. Being a shy, timid young girl, I found it difficult to make friends and socialize with others; however, as my years at La Danse progressed, I was able to find confidence in myself, leading me to become the person I am today. I have learned to be bold and to take chances. I have also found the ability to express a vulnerable, human side of me – a side I never would have been able to embrace if it was not for dance.

In the fall, I will be attending the University of Saskatchewan in the College of Agriculture and Biosciences to obtain my Bachelor of Science in Animal Bioscience. Through hard work and dedication, I will later make an effort to gain access into the Western College of Veterinary Medicine.

To my parents, thank you for supporting what I love and encouraging me to do my best. To my sister, Kristin, thank you for being by my side and for supplying me with so much courage. As well, a massive thank you to all of my instructors for providing a safe space where all of the dancers are free to learn, create, and grow.