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"La Danse has been fondly named the ‘Clubhouse’ at our home! From a physical education perspective, we have put daughters into activities that will provide support in all areas of their lives- physical, mental and emotional. From the physical education world, my girls have been properly taught basic fundamental movements/skills that are taken for granted. My daughters have learned more here about how their body moves and body awareness than at As a parent, the directors and their assistants have taught my daughters to care about details- posture, manners, hair, and respect for their talents and that of their fellow classmates. My girls have learned that feedback and constructive criticism is good. In the words one of my girls, “ Mom, the only reason you get told to redo a move is because they know you can do it better!” A lesson that many parents are scared to let their children learn on their own. La Danse has created the perfect blend of expertise, passion for educating dancers and an expectation of excellence, which has my daughters constantly wanting more! Thank you for sharing the ‘Clubhouse’ with our family!

As a mother of 3 very different girls, it is often hard to find an activity that they all enjoy. However, we have but for different reasons. La Danse has perfected the blending of physical literacy- body awareness and movements with the individualism of each little personality that glides through their door. When we come to the ‘Clubhouse’, each daughter is allowed to bring with them their own uniqueness in which each director/instructor has been able to nurture and build upon to create the most amazing opportunity for each of our girls. "
- Sandi Scissons

“This is by far the BEST studio in Saskatoon. The teachers are incredible and produce fantastic dancers. The year end recital this year was great as always.” – Kaitlynn Pollock

"La Danse has been one of the best activities I have offered my children. It offers something for mind, body, and soul. For their mind, it has helped our children develop confidence and determination to be the best they can be. For their body, dancers become athletes; it develops balance, coordination, body awareness, strength, conditioning, and control. For their soul, they have developed friendships with their fellow dancers as well as the directors who have been so influential for so many years throughout their love of dance. It becomes a part of who they are. It develops a love of music, a world of opportunity, and a talent to be envied.

As a parent, I have developed many friends and we have enjoyed watching our kids grow up together in the dance community, develop their skills and travel to many different competitions. I would do it again in a heartbeat! " - Audrey Sheppard


The most rewarding part of teaching dance is the opportunity to watch our students grow, learn, develop, and become wonderful, confident, and successful people. Whether dance stays in their life or not, we know that they have achieved so much in their own way. Unlike most teaching professions, we have the joy of working with these children year after year, sometimes for a decade or more! Because we are the ones who teach all of our classes, we get to see them develop from children into young adults and become good friends in the process, developing poise and lifelong friends along the way!


Sarah Ghezelbash I am forever grateful for the experiences and memories I’ve made at La Danse for the past decade. Even though so much time has passed, I can still remember walking into my first tap class and being the only one with no taps on her shoes. Over the years, as my passion for dance grew, so did the number of my classes. Words cannot describe the sincere gratitude I have for my beautiful teachers, not only for their immeasurable time and love, but for shaping me into the person I am today. To Ms. Myers, who taught me persistence; To Mrs. Stark, who taught me to always work on improving myself; To Mrs. Erickson, who taught me to go beyond my limits; and of course, to Kelsey Stone, who changed my life with musical theatre. These amazing ladies have taught me to always persevere, because in the end, you’ll have created something beautiful. I would also like to thank my mom and dad, for being my #1 fans and helping me find my passion. In the fall, I will be attending McGill University to pursue Medicine. Although this will be my last recital, my days of dance are long from finished. I wish all my fellow graduates the best and hope you enjoy the show!


Tasia KosmasI have been dancing since I was four years old. Dance has positively influenced my life by keeping me physically and socially active, physically and mentally strong, and also motivating me to stay organized. I feel so privileged to have received such amazing training from the dedicated and educated directors at La Danse. I feel so fortunate to have danced alongside so many talented, kind, and supportive people. I have made so many genuine friendships because of dance. I have learned so much!

I am graduating this year, with Honours, from Holy Cross High School. I have been accepted into the Sask PolyTech program for my future career training as a Recreational Therapist, starting in 2019. In the meantime, I will work and continue dancing. I am grateful for all the heartwarming memories dance has provided me with and so excited to see what my future holds.


Kristin StupakI began dancing at La Danse when I was four years old. I am blessed beyond words for all of the dedication the instructors have put into making us the best we can be. I will truly never be able to thank them enough for their professionalism, love, and the support they provided me over the past 14 years. I am beyond grateful for the friendships I made throughout the years and can only hope that they will continue to grow stronger.

I’ve had the privilege of dancing alongside my younger sister and that in itself is the best thing anyone could ask for. I want to thank all my family and friends for supporting my love of dance and always encouraging me to reach my full potential.

In the fall, I will be attending Sask Polytech for the Educational Assistant program! La Danse will forever be close to my heart! Thanks again for all of the amazing memories and I wish you all the best in the years to come.


James MonetteDance has played a big role in my life, after all I have been dancing for 13 years. Throughout all this time, I’ve learned important life skills, made close friends, and had countless experiences. I will always hold these memories close because they have shaped me into the person that I am, and I am very grateful for that.

Next year I will be attending the University of Saskatchewan to begin my pre-professional year for Nursing. Where ever my life takes me, dance will always carry a special place in my heart.


Maggie GrahamThe last ten years at La Danse have been a journey. Dancing turned out to be more than a hobby for me; it was my lifestyle. Spending entire evenings and every weekend at the studio. Your dance friends became your closest friends and the teachers become your role models. Learning from the instructors at La Danse taught me everything from point your toes and tap on the balls of your feet, to how to be a mature, committed young adult, ready for the world.

If it weren’t for my experiences, good and bad during dance, I would not be the person I am today going confidently into the future. I am so thankful for my time spent at La Danse and for the ongoing support from the teachers during an injury. My memories made at La Danse will be held close to my heart, and the focus and persistence I learned will help me to pursue an engineering degree next year.


Brynne StebbingsI have been fortunate to have danced at La Danse since the age of three. Throughout the years, I have created the fondest memories and learnt lifelong lessons. Dedication, confidence, hard work, and motivation are just a few qualities dance has brought into my life. I want to thank Mrs. Stark, Mrs. Erickson, Ms. Myers, and the rest of the staff for their ongoing support and love during my time at La Danse. There is no other place I could have imagined learning the art of dance. The studio was always a place where I felt welcome, and I want to thank my fellow dancers for making that possible. Sharing the stage with such amazing individuals will always be the highlight of my dancing career. Even though this is my last year at La Danse, my time spent dancing will be a part of me forever.

Next year I will be attending the University of Saskatchewan in the College of Arts and Science, with the hopes of a career in the field of Medicine. Wherever the next chapter of my life takes me, I am forever grateful for the lessons and experiences I will be taking with me. Thanks again and enjoy the show!


Jaclyn BossaerFifteen years later, and I still love it as much as I did on my first day of three year-old tots ballet! It is thanks to dance that I have broken out of the shy, timid shell, and have given myself a chance to embrace an attitude of confidence in myself. Through dance, I have learned how to be disciplined, perseverant, and part of something much greater than myself. Thank you to every mentor that has been a part of my journey at the studio – you have all believed in me even when I didn’t believe in myself, and I will be forever grateful. More than this, you have shown me that passion for what I do is the most important thing to find in life. Of course, a huge thank-you is also due to my parents, especially my dad, for supporting me in what I love to do, regardless of how foreign dance once was to him.

This may be the last time that I take the stage as a La Danse dancer, but I am certain that every friendship I have made, laugh I have had, and feeling of love I have felt, will be things that I carry with me far beyond the studio doors.

Next year, I will be attending the University of Saskatchewan in the College of Arts and Science, but La Danse will continue to hold a special place in my heart. Once again, thank you to every staff member at La Danse; the way in which you continue to inspire a new generation of passionate young adults each year is truly invaluable.


Nikayla HunchakFifteen years, that is how long I have been dancing at La Danse. I was three years old when my journey began, and as I grew, my love for dance grew as well. Out of the nearly 100 costumes I have worn throughout the years, I still remember the costume I wore when I was four years old. It was this tiny, orange bodysuit with the itchiest skirt! I remember constantly complaining to my mother, which is why I recall it. That, and the fact that it still hangs in the back of my closet along with many others.

I would like to thank my parents for their endless support, more specifically my mother who has invested so much time into helping me with my costumes, makeup, hair, and whatever else was needed. Dance has helped shape me into the person I am today by teaching me the importance of commitment, teamwork, recognizing my strengths and weaknesses, and to never say “I can’t”. Thank you to my amazing mentors, Ms. Myers, Mrs. Erickson, Mrs. Stark, Ms. Heather Currie, and last and but certainly not least, Mrs. Kelsey Stone. You have all pushed me to become a better dancer and a better person.

I will always be thankful for the friendships I have made through dancing. I am not sure what the future has in store for me but I am ready to face it because of all of you.


Katrina PexaDance has been an important part of my life since I was seven years old. I have learned things about passion, patience, and determination that I don’t think I could have learned anywhere else besides at the studio. I am so grateful for everyday spent doing pliés and jetés, and every year competing and performing in the final show.

I would like to thank Mrs. Erickson, Mrs. Stark, Ms. Myers, and Heather Currie for always pushing me to reach my full potential and inspiring me to be a better dancer every day. I am confident that I will continue to include dance as a part of my life, where ever I end up next!


Chantelle MackI have been lovingly dancing at La Danse since 2007. After taking my first year of jazz, I realized how inspiring the older students and teachers were, encouraging me to further my dancing into ballet. La Danse has taught me so much more than just technique over the past 11 years. Being so shy, I gained confidence through performing, something I never thought I would be capable of. I learned kindness and generosity by being surrounded by so many loving role models and I am so grateful for them. La Danse is one of many of my ‘lasts’ this year. I know I will dearly miss dancing in my future, as well as all of the teachers and students at La Danse – this is something I will never forget. The teachers at La Danse never gave up on me, teaching me to never give up on myself. This is something that has brought me to who I am today.

Looking towards my future, I will be attending a performance program this summer at Berklee College of Music in Boston, as well as attending in the fall of 2019.


Bailey GitzelDance has been and will always be a huge part of my life. My eleven years at La Danse have taught me so many life lessons, the most important being that hard work and a good attitude are what will always bring the most success. A gold medal or a trophy feels nice in the moment, but some of my proudest accomplishments include completing my first ever double pirouette, getting back onstage after the music skipped, and mostly, hearing the words “That’s the best I’ve ever seen you dance. I’m so proud of you!” from my teachers after dancing my last solos ever. Grad is a time where we congratulate all the students for the hard work they’ve put in over the years, yet there’s no way I would have ever been able to accomplish what I did without the people around me. I’d like to thank everyone who believed in me throughout my years as a competitive dancer and helped me grow to my fullest potential. I want to thank my friends for the daily laughs and for keeping me humble. And to the people I must thank the most, Mom and Dad, I love you both so much. From gluing rhinestones onto hundreds of costumes, to making sure I was able to seize every opportunity thrown my way, you two never missed a beat.

Dance forces us to push our physical boundaries in order to improve in our technique and performance. My interest in this bodily awareness is why I have chosen to begin my studies in Kinesiology at the University of Saskatchewan next year. Where that takes me in my dance career is yet to be determined. I decided to defer my acceptance into the Source Dance Company in Vancouver for one year while also looking at other training and performing opportunities. Thanks to La Danse and the time I’ve spent in the studio, dancing will always be a passion of mine and a part of me. If I were to give any younger dancer one piece of advice, it would be to take every extra second you have to dance. You don’t realize how fast time can go when you’re doing what you love.